Katharina Meierott builds new instruments as well as supplies quality violins, violas and cellos for rental or purchase.

Newly build

Professional musicians and amateurs in various countries enjoy playing the many instruments that Katharina has built over the years. The countless, old instruments that she has seen, played, heard, repaired and restored inspire her work. Katharina builds a variety of models, using quality woods and other materials, chosen specifically for each, individual instrument.


Katharina offers you a broad selection of old and new violins, violas and celli from different countries, both in and outside Europe. Spanning a wide price range, there are instruments suitable for both beginners and advanced musicians. Each instrument is individually set up to achieve the best tone and playing characteristics. By doing so, she aims to ensure the most pleasure in use.


If you are interested in renting an instrument for yourself or for your child you could choose to rent one of Katharina's imported, handmade, rental instruments. These instruments are of good quality and are individually checked and prepared by her. If you later decide to buy the rented instrument or another from her broad range of instruments for sale, six months rental will be deducted from the purchase price.

More information?

For more information about purchasing, renting or commissioning an instrument from Katharina Meierott, please do not hesitate to contact her.